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a5c7b9f00b Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become trapped in an underwater cave network.
On the remains of an abandoned convent in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, a team of archaeologists discover the entrance to a massive cave system and intrepidly, they decide to explore it to the end. With the intention to further investigate the existence of a rare virgin and unspoilt ecosystem, under the leadership of Dr Nicolai and his trusted associate Dr Kathryn Jennings, a group of seasoned cave divers led by Jack McAllister is assembled. Equipped with the latest in modern technology, the researchers will ambitiously begin their expedition deep inside the heart of the mountain, in what seems to be a vast interconnected network of undiscovered caverns. However, as they gradually progress deeper into the earth, four kilometres underground, a completely unknown and extremely hostile life form awaits them exposing the mountain's deadly secret which will sooner or later, engage the team in a battle for survival between species.
Perhaps the best way to describe THE CAVE, which was briefly in theaters this past summer, is AVP: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR without the Alien. The premise is quite similar, with the only other difference besides the absence of the Alien being that instead of a archaeological expedition, here it&#39;s a cave diving expedition. To be fair to the screenwriters of THE CAVE, they did write screenplay long before Paul W.S. Anderson was even attached to &#39;AVP&#39;. Still, it is unfortunate for THE CAVE to have been released after &#39;AVP&#39; otherwise it might have seemed better and slightly more original.<br/><br/>Besides the similarities in plot, THE CAVE and &#39;AVP&#39; share something else in common: the fact that both films should have been hard R&#39;s instead of being rated the dreaded PG-13. Again, this is not the fault of &#39;CAVE&#39; writers Micheal Steinberg and Tegan West. On their DVD commentary, they state that they wrote THE CAVE has an R-rated picture. According to them, it was even shot as an R-rated but then the studio wuss-ed out and cut it down to a PG-13. It shows since the editing is quite choppy at times when it seems like the audience should be treated to some spectacular gore. In fact, in certain scenes it appears that the film was edited in mere hours. <br/><br/>Ultimately it is the editing that drags the movie down, but there are some other problems with the THE CAVE as well. Character development is rather weak and the finale is a huge disappointment. Had the picture gone out with a bang, this could have been something worth watching. However, it ends up being nothing more than another forgettable entry in the ALIEN vein. 4/10
Take your video camera, turn out all the lights in your house and film people running around with flashlights for an hour and a half and you&#39;ve got the basic idea of what this film looks like. It is very irritating to watch this kind of movie. To be fair, there are scenes of daylight at the very beginning and very end of the movie. I like scary movies and creature features but this one just didn&#39;t do a thing for me. So sorry. I really tried to like it. There didn&#39;t seem to be much of a plot other than we&#39;ve got to find a way out of here. Didn&#39;t learn too much about any of the characters so it didn&#39;t matter if we lost one or two along the way. This isn&#39;t the worst movie in the world. &quot;Open Water&quot; holds that title for now.
It's not original, but unlike some of this summer's movies (such as The Island and Stealth), The Cave knows its place. Its job is to deliver a few jolty thrills and a couple of laughs and wrap things up before it starts to get too dumb.
Two archeologists—Doctors Nicolai (<a href="/name/nm0411903/">Marcel Iures</a>) and Kathryn Jannings (<a href="/name/nm0372176/">Lena Headey</a>)—assemble a team to investigate a huge cave system deep within the Carpathian Mountains of Romania that they think might contain an unexplored ecosystem. American cave-diving brothers Jack (<a href="/name/nm0369513/">Cole Hauser</a>) and Tyler (<a href="/name/nm0004827/">Eddie Cibrian</a>) McAllister, survivalist Top Buchanan (<a href="/name/nm0004820/">Morris Chestnut</a>), cameraman Alex Kim (<a href="/name/nm0196654/">Daniel Dae Kim</a>), rock-climber Charlie (<a href="/name/nm0005305/">Piper Perabo</a>), sonar expert Strode (<a href="/name/nm0201061/">Kieran Darcy-Smith</a>), and first scout Briggs (<a href="/name/nm0712262/">Rick Ravanello</a>) eventually descend into the cave together. When Strode&#39;s water scooter explodes, the entrance to the caverns caves in, and the explorers must find another way out. Along the way, they stumble across scattered equipment and the remains of previous explorers and soon come to realize that they are being stalked by unknown, but highly vicious, creatures. The Cave is based on a screenplay written by Michael Steinberg and Tegan West. Actually, the cave has been known about for many years. The Knights Templar built an abbey over it in the 13th century to seal the entrance as a display of &quot;God&#39;s protective power,&quot; and a group of explorers unearthed the cavern 30 years earlier when they tried to blast their way into the system, causing a landslide that buried the abbey and trapped them in the cave, never to be seen again. Nicolai and Kathryn, while excavating the ruins of the abbey, rediscover the cave entrance. The V.S.S.F. tattoo stands for &quot;Verband Schweizerischer Sprengfachleute&quot; or &quot;Swiss Society of Explosive Engineers&quot;. Strode is the first to be carried off by one of creatures, followed by Nicolai. Charlie is gutted when she attempts to climb to a hole in the cave ceiling and is attacked by a flying creature. Briggs is hauled up the side of a cliff by a creature, and Alex is eaten by one. Jack is killed when he leaps on a flying creature, and an explosion causes the cave walls to start collapsing. Tyler, Top, and Kathryn make it to the surface. Tyler, Top, and Kathryn get out of the cave by following a stream of cold water to where it merges with a river on the surface. Some days later, Tyler joins Kathryn at a table at a sidewalk cafe. He asks Kathryn whether Jack might have survived outside. Kathryn admits that, at first she thought the parasite couldn&#39;t survive outside the cave environment, but now she&#39;s not so sure. She leans forward, kisses his cheek, and peers at him over the tops of her sunglasses. &quot;I think it wants to get out,&quot; she says, showing that her eyes have begun to mutate the same way that Jack&#39;s eyes did. She then gets up and hurries off into the crowd. In the final scene, Tyler tries to follow her, but Kathryn has disappeared. The Cave is most often compared to three other movies—<a href="/title/tt0451262/">Within (2005)</a> (2005) (aka The Cavern), The <a href="/title/tt0435625/">The Descent (2005)</a> (2005), and the sequel <a href="/title/tt1073105/">The Descent: Part 2 (2009)</a> (2009). All four movies have similar plots and are shot in a manner provoking the greatest amount of claustrophobia.
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